Sunday, June 24, 2018

Farmington Family YMCA

We visited the Farmington Family YMCA on April 7, 2018. It is a beautiful location just a short drive from an I-696 exit in Oakland County. Farmington Hills is the second largest city in Oakland County. The Farmington Family YMCA has served their community for over 50 years with this 52,000 square feet facility. 

Jonathan enjoyed his traditional autism walk through the facility. I smiled when I observed this sign in a prominent place to encourage us that, "God Loves You make it a great day!".  One of the phrases Jonathan has in his limited grasp of language is "God Loves You". 

The highlight of the day was swimming. They have two pools and we spent time in the one called the Robertson Pool, which is maintained at a warm 88 degrees. I know that Jonathan enjoyed the pool because we left to go use the hot tub and I took him into the locker room thinking our swimming was finished, but he didn't want to leave and asked if he could go back to the pool. That is a very good testimony about how much he enjoyed it coming from a teenager with ADHD and autism. 

I was able to have a very memorable conversation at this YMCA with a family who has an adult with autism who is in his 20's. He's about 15 years further down life's road than Jonathan. I shared with this autism mother about our travels around Michigan to all the YMCA's and pointed out some of the stops we had already made. One of the most encouraging thing to me was when she asked her son if he would want to do travels like this and in my presence with his glee vowed to also visit every YMCA in Michigan. I told her she had a head start because 20% (10 branches) of all the locations in Michigan could be found right in her backyard in the Detroit Area system. 

I don't know if this family will actually end up completing a similar journey, but the reality is even if they only ever utilize their home YMCA in Farmington Hills, they are already on a familiar road. All of us autism families share a bond that can not be broken by where we call home. We come from various races, faiths, and socio-economic backgrounds, and none of us asked to also be in the autism family. But we are some of the strongest families there are who will climb any mountain for our children as long as we can, because we know they may likely never be able to leave the nest. My money is on this mother following through and in her families own way and time visiting every YMCA in Michigan.

This was our first venture to one of the ten branches in the YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit and the visit set the tone for a very positive experience at our recurring travels to the Detroit Area. The time of the year we made this trip had all the hope and expectation that Spring is about to come alive in Michigan.

Jonathan and Alan Stokes are on a mission to visit every YMCA in Michigan and are showing that the YMCA is FOR ALL, especially those with autism. 

Map Credit: By Arkyan [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or CC BY-SA 2.5], via Wikimedia Commons

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